JOSM Search a tag with colon separator in it does not work

Unable to figure this out. searches of e.g. building=house works fine but building:levels=2 is not accepted as input term and just building:levels produces a nothing found in the loaded map data set though i know they’re present. Googled but unable to find an HowTo. solution surely dead simple



Try "building:levels"=2



Just for completeness, had been hammering some of the boxes doing nothing but trying this one it is actually putting a template in the search box of “”=“” just needing to put key and value between the quotes. Now the rest of them make sense as well.


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This is actually a fairly common problem. I’ve seen it 3 or 4 times (via posts like this), and I don’t know how JOSM can improve the documentation (as noted, it is in the hint box for the search dialog).

  1. Not being a speed reader in not my native tongue, let the hint boxes stay longer.
    1a) change the default colour of the hint boxes, as black text on dark grey (or is it blue?) background does not read easily…
  2. A really great way for the particular one is allowing to enter the key=value combo as normal then let the quotes be wrapped around the key & value when hitting the button box.
  3. A link to the more expansive JOSM Search wiki page which could use a section on searching fragments / wildcards neither word found with page search on that page.

Buttons like AND, OR, XOR, and the type boxes that suffix to the search string never posed an issue.

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Syntax highlighting would solve the problem, but that would be rather complicated to implement.