[JOSM] Railway lines without nodes

How do I filter for railway lines, but exclude points?

railway:rail -type:node

hasn’t worked.

Thanks in advance.

It should be railway=rail instead.

I want to add service=spur to all of the lines, but not to the points.

“railway=rail” only selects ways, as nodes do not have those tags afaik
you could also add “type:way” in case you want to select only ways with a certain tag, but it seems useless in this particular case.

Is just not true. If I press Ctrl+A the nodes also get marked with this filter.

If you press Shift+U (Unselect Nodes) after Ctrl+A, you get the selection you want.

Shift+U doesn’t work with JOSM 14066 on Mac OS: nothing happens.

Try Unselect nodes from the Selection menu.