JOSM presets: United Kingdom addresses

I tried to make some sense of the wiki page for how addresses work here. I’ve never much liked the default address presets dialog because it presents the lines out of order, and because it suggests rather more strict associations for “suburb” and “city” than accepted usage in the UK.

I hope these tag presets will be useful for people adding a lot of addresses. Comments welcome! Although I’m not trying to heal the schism, just allow sensible editing no matter which side you choose to be on.

United Kingdom addresses preset

These presets allow convenient use of the ​UK-specific addressing tags described in the OSM wiki. The UK has a somewhat odd arrangement of Premises, Thoroughfare, and Locality (and Postcode) where thoroughfare is sometimes 2-level, and Locality is sometimes 3-level. In response, the UK OSM community has come up with two mutually exclusive, competing schemas, both of which are implemented here with a slight favour for the trickier but more global “addr:place” schema.

These presets also contain a number of dialogs to help mappers avoid deprecated combinations, and several tags which have been pointed out by the community as tags to avoid (for example, because the UK doesn’t have a particular administrative division).


Full dialogs

“Tags to Avoid” dialog

Deprecated combinations fixer dialogs


Is this replacing a previous version?

My “Annotations/UK address” dialogue looks more like the “Annotation/UK Address (UK-specific addr:substreet schema)” dialogue in this thread.

If so I will try uninstalling and re-downloading so that I can pin the addr:substreet version instead of one that’s (presumably) going to change on me at some point.

Yes, it’s replacing a previous version. The wiki page it’s managed from contains an auto-bumping version in the source in the normal way, and the index page on the same wiki has correctly picked up the new version (1.8_2024-06-24)

You can pin either of the two dialogs with the upright green stamp icon, according to taste.

So anyway, JOSM is being weird. I’ve been having difficulty getting presets to update properly myself. In particular, the reload button in JOSM doesn’t seem to work:

Screenshot of where that reload button is

Clearing the cache with rm -vfr ~/.josm/cache/*Presets* while JOSM is closed seems to do the trick (you may need to do what you did too). It shouldn’t have to be like this!

OK, found the cache in the advanced settings and manually deleted it in an explorer window.

Is there a way to replace the default version that appears above the tags in the tag panel or is that set by the preset xml? It doesn’t matter if there isn’t, I’ve got my preferred version pinned anyway.


Updated the JOSM wiki page a little to explain the various dialogs.

Perhaps it’s time to split the bundle into two separate schema-specific bundles? It’s been getting pretty complicated for such a conceptually simple thing. Back to the elevator pitch of “edit UK addresses in envelope order”?

(I was going to call the two competing schemas “international” and “insular”, but that’s not quite right and it’s bound to annoy someone…)

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