JOSM presets: Rights of Way in England and Wales

I’ve finally got around to updating my England & Wales Rights of Way presets, and I felt that I should probably link them here for a bit more exposure and feedback. They seem to work OK in Vespucci too, but I’ve not tested them extensively there (I’m still rather new to Vespucci’s requirements for preset bundles!)

England & Wales Rights of Way presets for JOSM

Public rights of way in England and Wales, using the good bits out of the global tagging style while retaining our ancient folkways and customs. This is a JOSM presets file implementing a hybrid version of the ​United Kingdom Tagging Guidelines, at least the part about public footpaths, bridleways, byways and permissive paths.


The latest version is 0.12_2024-06-23. This is a minor buff to a presets file that’s been available for over a decade without any complaints so far. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything new. Perhaps prow_ref would be a useful addition?