JOSM: presets multiple png in label?

I like to have multiple png icons in the label, with a presets setup.
A combination of traffic signs, which are related to each other.

Now one icon and text is only possible.
And in the text I can not describe small enough the meaning, a second or third sign does

Take a look at
Search for de.text=“verschoben”

Is this what you want ? A drop down with text & icon ?

Yes, such a dropdown.

with two icons in the label
as a example: traffic_sign icon with a undersign icon, my thought.

here only one icon is possible

But know I reconsider my thoughts, what I want, maybe a extra nested group is better solution.

			<item name="+ undersign x"  icon="undersign combo x.png" type="node,way">

Then with combined icon of the two trafficsigns, but that is more work, designing all these combined icons.

I just wanted to avoid that.