JOSM: prefering rendition highway bus stop to public transport platfor

Is there a way to show one rendition over the other for the same object?

for example:

highway:= bus_stop
public_transport := platform
bus := yes

I wish that josm would should the highway bus stop rendering instead of platform. This is because the bus stop rendering is visible regardless of background imagery - bus picture on top of a white shield.

In contrast, public transport platform is rendered dark brown which is basically invisible when there are a lot of trees in background imagery. This, in turn, caused them to be omitted from a bus route since these platforms are overlooked during the route building/creation process.

Appreciate your input.

You can create an own mapcss file with the following content and put that mappaint style in the list of mappaint styles below the internal JOSM mappaint style. That way it will overwrite the order of the internal JOSM mappaint style.

node[highway=bus_stop] {
    icon-image: "presets/transport/bus_small.svg";

Thanks. I got that to work, except I changed the





Steps taken.

  1. create an empty text file. Name it foo.css (or something with css extension)
  2. copy the code
  3. paste the code into foo.css
  4. save the file somewhere accessible.
  5. run JOSM
  6. go to setup → map settings → map paint styles
  7. under Active Styles box, click “+”
  8. find your file and add it here at the bottom.
  9. click ok, and you’re ready to go. Might need to restart JOSM.

You could tinker with other stuff to render the rendering version that you prefer over standard rendering.

Again, thank you klumbumbus.

Yes, that was wrong by me.