JOSM & Potlatch editing at the sametime

I am using JOSM to create the maps at home but when its quiet at work I am using Potlatch as my traces are on the server.

From what I can see as the edit are only put into the map every Wednesday, so until that occurs I cannot download from the server into JOSM and see my edits done with Potlatch until that occurs. The other way works ok.

Is there a way around this or do I need to take the JOSM saves with me?


The updates are immediately sent to the server. If you upload data, and download the same area the next second, your newly drawn streets will be shown.

What is updated every wednesday is the Mapnik rendering of the data on the server.

So if you update a map with Potlatch are you saying you can download the same area with JOSM you can see the updates?
All I get is the roads I see in “View” tab from Potlatch and not the Edit data.

If you do this:

  1. download map with JOSM
  2. edit the same place with potlatch
  3. download the map again with JOSM

Then the map in JOSM should be updated, if it isn’t perhpas you are in “practise mode” in Potlatch.

The view tab has nothing to do with it it’s cached for a very long time (months) in certain cases (large scale changes like lakes).

Worked this time, I think my issue is the way JOSM downloads the data is not working as I expect it should. I will need to do some reading I think.

Reading bad, trail and error good! Docs can be very out of date… :wink: