[JOSM] Possible bug regarding new dialogue when splitting ways


I discovered the following strange behaviour:

  1. Download a way with minimum 4 nodes. (The way needs an OSM-ID otherwise the dialogue won’t pop-up.)

  2. Mark one node and hit “P” to split the way.

  3. Ignore the dialogue.

  4. Mark a second node and hit “P” again.

  5. Accept the suggestion for retaining the ID (2x).

This will create an overlapping section on the 3 ways.

Can somebody check and confirm?

I assume you are talking from JOSM editor …

I cannot reproduce with josm_latest version 8997.

I can reproduce, I created a ticket. https://josm.openstreetmap.de/ticket/12101

I added “JOSM” to the description.

Thanks for verify and creating a ticket.