JOSM: Plugin ToDo problem

Since the last update (version 131 - plugin version), my ToDo plugin stopped working. The plug-in panel does not display. Has anyone encountered something like this?

I just updated to MacOS package 18789 and updated ToDo plugin to 131 and the window appears for me and is working fine.

Useful, but the shortcut to bring up the ToDo per the wiki

Default hotkeys

  • Ctrl+Shift+t - Open or close the todo list panel.

Shortcut for the Revert Changeset plugin

  • Ctrl+Shift+T

No idea how holding Ctrl+Shft allows to enter a small t or the conflict of these shortcuts is real.

I uninstalled the REVERTER plugin and the shortcut does not work. I have the plugin installed on my system - JOSM says that, but it is not visible anywhere.

truly weird, the second keyboard conflict unearthed in a week.

I have no clue what version of Java you (@Cristoffs) are running, but the TODO plugin now requires Java 17.

Check your status report to see what version of Java you are actually running. Look for the Java version line.

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Presume this to be updated automatically with the Java Control Panel and updater, latter always running in background and set to check weekly for a new version

Identification: JOSM/1.5 (18789 en_GB) Windows 10 64-Bit
Memory Usage: 3622 MB / 4084 MB (1969 MB allocated, but free)
Java version: 17.0.7+7-LTS, Azul Systems, Inc., OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM

LTS, is that not a term they also use in Linux…something like Long Term Supported IIRC. Saw in the 23018 ticket discussion that you tested against 17.0.8.

Thx! Java was not updated!

I kind of figured. We’ve been trying to get people off of Java 8 for awhile now, and I’ve recently started using newer Java features in various plugins.

We’ve had the following message in the MOTD for quite some time for users with Java 8:
JOSM soon will no longer support this version of Java, you should update to version 11 or better!

That got changed sometime after I last looked (quite a few months ago) to also apply to users with Java < 17 to be:
JOSM soon will no longer support this version of Java, you should update to version 17 or better!

It looks like someone (AKA me) needs to update the code in JOSM to inform users on Java 11 about this via a dialog on startup.

Since we’ve had that message up for quite some time, I have no compunctions about updating plugins to use features from newer Java versions. That is what happened here.

I’ll see if I can figure out why you didn’t get a warning message that the TODO plugin required a newer version of Java than you were running.