JOSM - plugin for nodes traversal

Hi, anyone knows if there exists a plugin that allows node traversal the way Potlatch does?

For example, jumping from adjacent nodes in a way from head to tail, and the ability to go from head to tail or tail to head (like in circular linked list). iD has recently implemented it somewhat, but not the head to tail (or tail to head), and I prefer JOSM very much compared to iD.

I am asking since I am about to map a large area of residential/city mix, and planning to trace all those roads by using a djikstra like approach by branching off to side roads, then coming back to main road, and continue on until the area is completed. (Also, I am planning in realigning long stretch of motorways to newly available imagery n gps tracks.)

Looking forward to your input.


I’m not entirely sure what your question is about, but I suggest looking at
This is a core function of JOSM, which I personally use pretty much all the time. I hear Potlatch has the same functionality.

Let me try to clarify. In potlatch, you can select a node on a way, then by pressing a key, jump to the adjacent node (forward and backward). In iD, the key used is ‘{’ and ‘}’ if I recall correctly. The difference between Potlatch and iD implementation is that in potlatch, you are able to jump directly from last node to first node and vice versa. In iD, once you get to the end, you have to jump back, one by one, all the way to the beginning to get to the head node.

I really wish JOSM implemented this, or someone wrote a plugin for it. I have searched plugin descriptions and haven’t found any that mentioned this functionality.