JOSM parking lanes preset doesn't work in Vespucci

The ParkingLanes preset for JOSM doesn’t really work in Vespucci, and I don’t know why.

Here is how the preset looks in JOSM:

In Vespucci, the preset does barely work at all. The keys are there, but no icons, no selection, no value suggestions, nothing.

I am not sure if this is a problem with the preset or a problem with Vespucci
@SimonPoole @Supaplex030

A quick look at the preset indicates that it contains chunk elements that only contain list_entry elements and uses those chunks in the combo elements. That that works is likely accidental (instead of using a proper parser for the presets JOSM uses a reflection hack so there isn’t any consistent check of the grammar), it is definitely not documented and I would argue the preset XSL definition doesn’t allow it either.

On closer inspection it seems as if the XSL does allow a reference element in combos and multiselects. I might add that to vespucci going forward, the workaround for now would simply be to expand the relevant chunks.

PS: if you want a translated preset in Vespucci, you should extract the strings to a .pot file and use your fav translation service to translate to .po format files, see

See Support list_entry in chunks · Issue #2014 · MarcusWolschon/osmeditor4android · GitHub

I didn’t comment on that, but the preset references icons included in the JOSM build instead of including them in the preset zip archive. That is naturally not going to work.

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That can be done with a suitable bit of XSLT (use xmlstarlet or similar).