JOSM oddity. Work area moves radically right while creating a node.

I have a strange issue that has become very annoying. Im not sure if its a setting or something else …
When I try to place a node for a door; poi; etc, I click once, and the screen moves radically right until I move the mouse left or right to make it stop. Then, I can go back and click again to create my node. This ritual is not a pleasant one. This has remained through an update.
If you have seen something like this before, what was done to fix it? I have uninstalled and reinstalled, already.
Thank you in advance!

See one of the menus, there’s an option to auto follow drawn objects. You must have turned it on by accident. Happened to me in the past.

Thank you, RicoElectrico! That was driving me crazy! I went through every preference, but obviously, futile.
I have 100 more doors to do, this is a huge help, thank you!.

Lem M.
Louisville, Ky

Where is this option ?

you need to select ‘expert mode’ under ‘preferences’ > ‘display settings’.

Then select ‘Viewport Following’ under the ‘View’ menu