JOSM not saving the position of right side pannels

Hi, please,

JOSM is not saving the heights (and widths) of right side pannels.
It never worked for me, for any versions. Now it is v.14178.

For GUI it saves OK:

gui.geometry	x=-8,y=-8,width=1296,height=1010
gui.maximized	true

But not for the right side pannel:

validator.geometry         x=481,y=403,width=661,height=235

Moreover, not availlable (just empty) for:

For any value I set for those, yes it saves, but does not work:
they allways open with the same default heights, that is, with too much height for “validator” and too short for “properties”.
Even though the values still are there as they were personally set by me.

I have to manually drag down the pannels again every new session…

How to save personal adjusts of heights (and widths) for right side pannels?
Thank you in advance.

Annoying isn’t it?

JOSM never remembers my settings either and I’ve been using it for 5 years. I don’t think it’s possible to save those settings but have often thought of submitting a new feature request to the development team.


Tottaly annoying. Me too it’s been 5 years. Every session is the same penance. It should be the default to save it as personalized. As the GUI does. I’ve been told that some people have their side pannels saved. I just need to discover how to do it.

Have you tried asking this question on the main OSM help pages?

That might get better results.

Thanks, that’s it. I’ll post there.


I think it might be an error. Have you already created a JOSM ticket?

I’ve send this issue to

The ticket for this issue keeps unsolved since 5 years :

Thank you all for the discussions, and specially to JOSM team and helpers, it’s now implemented, now JOSM saves heights of default panels for next sessions!
latest version: josm-latest.jar 14444

That was something having annoying me for a long time. But of course, if you don’t speak up… So thanks for your and everyone’s effort. I’ll try it once it gets into tested version.

Yes, same here. Thanks for asking. Now, if they would only fix the broken repeat tags function, Shift-R. It’s been broken for about 2 years now.

I am working on this now but can’t remember exactly what it did. Please help me here: