JOSM Move node onto way (N) not working

I use JOSM 7995.

I want to correct a “Way end node near other highway” error by moving the end node to the other highway. I selected the end node as well as the road to move to and hit N (Move node onto way) as well as J (Join node to way), but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

For that example, one solution is to highlight the 2 nodes and use (M)erge nodes.

The (J)oin command would normally work, but it is only necessary to select the node of the street that should be joined. The (J)oin command also won’t work if there is already a node on the road that is nearby since it is looking to create a new node.

Also, the (J)oin command has no effect until the node is within a certain distance of the road, so it might be necessary to move it closer first (for other repair cases).


Unfortunately it doesn’t work yet. I have tried all combinations of selecting roads and node and also made sure that the node is very close to the road and that the next nodes on the road to join are very far away. All of this for N an J. Other commands like P and M do work.

I think the node is still too far away from the way, you have to move it pretty close, then use J or N

I tested with a physical distance of 20 cm between node and line and no other nodes in the neighbourhood. I suppose that should be close enough.

Not the answer to your question but you can select both nodes and merge them with “M”.

The real distance of node and way is not important. Important is the currently displayed distance (number of pixels between node and way). Zoom out and try again to move the node onto the way. Also it is enough to select only the node which you want to move.

The other thing the (J) uses is how close the node ‘looks’ to be near the road. In other words, it won’t necessarily Join even at 20 cm if the zoom is very high. It will Join from several meters away if the view is zoomed away first.

Thanks, this works! I had zoomed in too far.