[JOSM] More than one layer won't display?

I can either select the Strava heatmap layer first, or the bing maps first … whatever comes first, shows in the background. If I select one of the two secondly, they won’t show … no matter what opacity etc you chose? What am I doing wrong?

no idea - because you don’t tell us which editor yo’'r talking about.

Oh, I thought I was in a JOSM Forum, sorry … it’s JOSM :slight_smile: Must have been a weak moment of the day.

You can reorder the layers in the layers panel if need be.

I open the satellite imagery first then the strava heatmap layer(s) I want. I’ve never noticed the strava heatmap layer obliterating the overall view of the satellite imagery but it does hide the details under the routes people have recorded, so I generally use reduce the opacity of the heatmap layer so there is a chance I can see the underlying trail/road through the heatmap.

Yes, check the order of the layers and the visibility (eye-icon). The active layer (green checkmark) should be your data layer.

Strange. On my Laptop, no problem … same on the Desktop displays only one layer … both with a new JOSM. Ah well … time to find out why.

Sounds quite like https://josm.openstreetmap.de/ticket/14593 (“Can’t load more than 3 imagery (background) layers”), although the count (3 vs. 2) does not fit…