JOSM: .mapcss entry to affect text on an inactive layer

I can edit a .mapcss file and affect the text for a node on the active layer, but I can’t see how to edit the css so it affects the display of text on an inactive layer.

Could anyone offer me some advice on how to do that please?

Maybe you can ask this additionally at or even on the JOSM dveloper mailing list,

if you cannot get any answer to that special question here.

Thank you very much for the pointers, I will do that.

Preliminary: I asked in the general irc channel for OSM and someone suggested it might just not be possible at the moment with mapcss.

When reviewing the mapcss markup information, it mentions layers, but we decided that it was talking about different layers than the simple layers panel layers I was talking about.

I’ll post back if I find out something more definite.