josm (local file) | osmosis | osmarender -> tile splitting fails :(

Hi there,

i hope, somebody is able to help me. I’ve set up a toolchain to build my own tiles, which is using osmosis to split the osm-files into files for tiles and osmarender to render them (and then apply some post-processing)…

Now I built a small map from scratch using JOSM and want to plug the created osm file into my toolchain.
The first issue were missing version tags for the nodes and ways, but i was able to fix this via sed, still, this is more a hack i guess :wink:

The real issue I am currently dealing is, is osmosis failing to split my map into to tiles. My osmosis call looks as follows:

       cat myMap.osm | ./osmosis --read-xml enableDateParsing=no file=-
           --bounding-box top=A  left=B bottom=C  right=D
             completeWays=yes completeRelations=yes cascadingRelations=yes
            --write-xml file=data.osm

(where A,B,C,D are the coordinates of my tile to extract)
and the generated tiles are overlapping, because (as I instructed osmosis to do) it is extracting the complete ways, so a way having a portion in both tiles exists completely in both tiles. Somehow, this behaviour does not occur, if i use a downloaded osm-file.
So I guess, simply localy saving an osm-File in JOSM does not do the trick and I have to do some post-processing to it, to make version tags appearing and the file splitable? Can somebody tell me, how to do this?

thank you! :slight_smile: