JOSM latest - scroll map


Just noticed that trying to pan/scroll the map is becoming a pain in the ass. Seems the program couldn’t figure out whether I want to pan the map or to adjust image/tile properties.

Googling didn’t show any remedies to this problem.

How do you guys overcome this problem? (help me not punching out my screen :rage: )



Up to date JOSM, I don’t see a problem. Right mouse button click and keep it held down, a four-way cursor appears which allows for the map page to be dragged.

If you right mouse button click and immediately release, a drop-down box appears for the imagery layers to be adjusted. If you keep on right clicking and releasing the box keeps on appearing. Very very annoying! You have to left click the screen (box disappears) then right click and hold.

Regards Bernard

Huh? Thats how context menus work in every programm!?

This didn’t really work for me either. Even the arrow keys which pans the map do not work. Basically for me, what used to work (on opensuse) is broken currently. Don’t know whether it is java issue (openjdk version 1.8) or josm. Guess I’ll make do in the meanwhile, hopefully it’ll be fixed in the next version.

Update: Turns out the problem originated from the HP mouse that I used at work (maybe bad contacts since even holding down left button firmly didn’t solve the problem). I changed to my Logitech Marble Trackball and everything is a-OK!.

Arrow keys still doesn’t work though… but currently I am happy. :slight_smile: