JOSM. Is there a shortcut to return to last added / edited node, object?

Often I rummage around in JOSM while mapping/editing and then want to return to the “where was I again spot” place on the map. The way to do this that I know is hitting the upload button which then shows the screen with at left the nodes and objects listed for new, modified and deleted. Newest/lastest change at the top. Double click on the object and the map homes in on the node / object last worked on.

The 64,000 dollar question is: Is there a simple keyboard shortcut to achieve the same? Looked at the extensive JOSM shortcut page but if it’s on there, not seeing that one tree in the wood.

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What I usually do is Window/Command Stack and then right click on the top entry and “select and zoom”:


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Will try this as it reads like 1 step quicker. When middle of an edit session the getting to the upload window often requires clicking past the validation alert screen.

… And we have a winner. Added to the sidepanel bar and since strapped for space, minimize it when not in need.