JOSM - Indoor mapping. JOSM will not see OSM date on "level -1"

I am new to JOSM but lately, have been using it extensively at my job to map locations for a navigation system we are developing.
We are mapping the venues who want this technology in OSM using ID Indoor. I am going back to edit a map I did months ago using the native iD editor, but now using JOSM. I cannot get the data from OSM, level -1 to show up in the JOSM data download. I have my filters set up only for levels, nothing else. They are written, ex: “level 1”, “level 0” etc . . . I would like to know if anyone has had this issue and what the workaround is?
I have gone back and checked other jobs I have done with “level -1” in ID Indoor, and none of the -1 levels show up in JOSM.
I prefer working in JOSM but this could be a big issue for us moving forward, if we cannot see -1 levels.

This is the link in question:

Thank you very much for any insights you may be able to provide in this matter.

L. Mason
Louisville, KY


This is very weird. I just tried downloading this area with JOSM and all data appear correctly, from level=-1 to level=2. For instance, I can use a “level=-1” filter to restrict the data to the -1 level (or “level=*” to see only indoor data).

Do you mean that JOSM does not download the data at the -1 level, or that you cannot see or edit them?

Thank you for responding and I apologize for late response . . .
I am embarrassed. This was a “Me” issue. I did not have my filters set up correctly. So, when I filtered “Level 1”, it also took the data from “Level -1”— I assume my filter was only using the number as the filter, disregarding the negative sign?

I am working on my filtering schema currently, and am going to try using the “=” sign after the word ‘level’ as you have done, and see if that works for me. It appears the “=” sign let everything work for you?

Thank you for responding. I am new to using JOSM to edit and the help you have provided is very much appreciated.

Lem M.
Louisville, KY