JOSM in App Store

Is it possible to sign JOSM application correctly and add it to App Store?

JOSM is the only application that I have to download every time manually for the update. Since macOS Sierra I also have to disable security settings each time. It is very uncomfortable. Less experienced users just do not understand that it is necessary to do, and decide that JOSM does not work.

If Apple rules allow, at least, I would like to see the application has been correctly signed. And even better, to have been added to the App Store.

Who can do it? For my part, I can donate $99 to the developer subscription to Apple, to get the correct certificate.

Please click in JOSM on menu Help → Report bug
This creates a new ticket on the josm website, where you can copy your text. This way the josm developers will read it.

Ok, I created a ticket: