JOSM Importing editable waypoints.

What I need to do is to take a bunch of waypoints and make slight corrections to their gps locations. Basically, put the marker at what would be the center of the building, instead of the front where I took the reading, and correct any weird GPS locations. I can import the way points into JOSM, but I can’t move them anywhere. Obviously I could create a bunch of nodes in JOSM, but we are talking about hundreds and hundreds of items here. Manually creating all of those is going to be way too time consuming. Is there any program that I can import way points into, nudge them around a bit, and then export to a .gpx file?

You can try any programm at … maybe there you can edit your waypoints?

Sounds exactly like what I want to do, but I can’t find out how to convert a GPX layer to a data layer in JOSM. I’ve googled and everything I’ve found assumes you know how to do this, but obviously I don’t. Anyone know how to do convert a GPX layer to a data layer?

I assume you have opened both layers. Now right click on the gpx layer (in the layer menu on the right side) which opens the context menu and choose “Convert to data layer” in the menu: (you’ll get a warning that you should not upload unedited gpx-tracks as map data but that’s what you want to do, aren’t you? :slight_smile: )

Now you have your gps waypoints converted to nodes (and the tracks to ways) which you can edit as usual. At the end you can export your converted gpx layer back to a gpx file (context menu → “Export to GPX …”) or you can merge the converted gpx layer with the data layer for uploading your edits to OSM (context menu → “Merge”).

HTH, Andreas

Well this is strange. I use gpsbabel to convert from my garmin file to a gpx file. When I import that into JOSM, it doesn’t give me the option of converting it to a data layer. So anyways, I had the bright idea of just using gpsbabel to convert it straight to a josm file. That works exactly as I need it, with the only problem being that instead of nice dots or X’s, I get a page icon. Thanks for all the help.

Here is what it looks like when I import as gpx:

Sorry I mixed up waypoints with trackpoints :frowning:

Unfortunately JOSM doesn’t support the conversion of a markers layer (part of the gpx-file with only the waypoints) to a data layer. But you have found out the workaround (converting directly to an osm-file with gpsbabel) by yourself :-).

You have probably also noticed that JOSM shows the page icon on every node because gpsbabel automatically adds a “note”-tag to every waypoint during conversion (there are other tags added too like “created_by”, “name” and some “gps:xxx”). If you just want to have clean nodes without tags you have to delete all the tag-lines in the osm-file before loading it into JOSM.

Under Unix I would do the following 3 steps:

sed '/<trk>/,/<\/trk>/d' original.gpx > waypoints.gpx
gpsbabel -i gpx -f waypoints.gpx -o osm -F waypoints.osm
sed '/<tag.*\/>/d' waypoints.osm > waypoints_without_tags.osm

(You can skip the first line if there are only waypoints in your gpx-file.)

Edit: I’ve noticed that you are a Windows-User and unfortunately there isn’t any command-line tool like sed preinstalled so you have to use a text editor of your choice and use its search/replace function if you don’t want to delete the tag-lines manually.

Bye, Andreas

Many thanks for the useful suggestion :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Many thanks for another very useful suggestion!!

Just did my first GPSBabel conversion, and am delighted with the results. Input was Garmin file of trailhead parking areas, and GPSBabel conveniently tagged them all amenity=parking, so I just used sed (running under Cygwin in a Windows environment :)) to remove the created-by and note tags, keeping the amenity and name tags.

GPSBabel will use the contents of the Comments field, if present, for the note field. Those who use the Garmin Comment field regularly might change the note tag to a description tag, should they find that tag useful.

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