JOSM import from .osm of KeypaddMapper3 fails [solved]

I am using KeypadMapper3 for mapping housenumbers. I’m trying to import the *.osm into JOSM an get followig error message:

“Die Datei ‘2013-08-26_19-10-45.osm’ konnte nicht gelesen werden. Fehlermeldung: Zeile 5 Spalte 3: Markup im Dokument nach dem Root-Element muss ordnungsgemäß formatiert sein.”

What do I wrong?

I stoppt the tagging in KeypadMapper with the “stop”-button.


Do any of your notes contain special characters?
eg & (ampersand) or " (quotation mark) or < (less than) or > (greater than).

If so, it will probably mean you can’t load the .osm file in JOSM. These characters should be encoded with the XML entity. eg & for ampersand.

There arem’t any special chars.
I found out that the first 2 lines with the “version-tag” were missing. Posibly i copied the files before clossing the Kepad-Mapper-Session.
The files from today were working perfect.

I think that the problem is solved.:slight_smile: