JOSM ignores some keys in some popup dialogs

don’t know exactly when this started, I’ve updated to JOSM 13053 and java 1.8.0_151. I see the following issue:
After creating / modifying some ways e.g. the tab key doesn’t work in some dialogs. It works fine in other programs and also in other JOSM dialogs. Sometimes also a mouse click doesn’t work as expected, e.g. I cannot place the cursor in the dialog box for changeset comments.
I see this only on my laptop, not on the PC, which has the same settings and OS (Win 10).
I cannot yet reproduce the problem, it just happens from time to time.
Does anybody else see these problems?

Edit: I just recognized that I use the “Follow Mode” (Shift+Strg+F) on the laptop, but never on PC.

I haven’t noticed what you describe but JOSM has been exhibiting odd behaviors for several releases now. The most important one for me is the loss of [Shift]-R functionality to re-apply formatting. Now, in order for that to work, I must click somewhere to unselect the last created object and then click again on that object before its tags are copied into the buffer. Only after that can the formatting be re-applied to a new object.

I didn’t mean to hijack your thread but wondered if you or anyone else had noticed this.

Yes, sure, I also miss the old Shift+R behaviour. I think the problem is that no one found out why it changed, yet.