[JOSM] How to use images from OpenStreetView?


I’m using JOSM 10966 with the OpenStreetView plugin. To test it I checked openstreetview.org for a recorded track and downloaded an area which contains a part of a track. Unfortunately all I see are some camera icons along the recorded route, but clicking them does nothing nor does the OpenStreetView window contain anything.
How am I supposed to make use of OpenStreetView from within JOSM?

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In the layer menu on the right, you must set a V “activate” the layer before “openstreetview” other layers will by off (grey)
then click on a cam you want to see. On the right a new menu"openstreetview" appears with the image in it. click on the pin will larged it.
Changing from image just click an a other camera on the map. To edit the map deactivate the layer and chose for …

Thank you, Jakka, this did the trick.
The interaction of this plug-in is a bit inconvenient, but at least it works.

You can suggest improvements or report bugs with the plugin on https://github.com/openstreetview/josm-plugin.
This is a rather new plugin, and the developers are open to suggestions.

Be a bit careful of believing the image locations: At least for all the tracks I collected the images are not in the correct location. Because of that I have deleted all but the last track I collected. My last track is still up as that seemed to be the request from OSV.

Over on the OSV github the claim is that the data is good but a bug is keeping it from being shown properly. But this has been a long standing issue and I haven’t seen motion on it. I will not be collecting more tracks for OSV until this is resolved as I think it can cause too many issues with mappers blindly assuming the image location is correct. https://github.com/openstreetview/openstreetview.org/issues/41

FWIW, apparently OSV has been asked/requested by the “do no evil” guys to use a different name as “street view” belongs to them. https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk/2016-November/077058.html

Confirming. There’s is only a single track near ‘my’ mapping area and from my own local knowledge I confirm that the images are far off in JOSM.