JOSM: How to select way segments between branches?

Hi all,
in JOSM I’d like to be able to select the part of a way that is between two branches. To illustrate this, see in the screenshot - the green way is a single object, but I’d like to be able to just select the part where I put the red mark beside:

“Non branching way sequences” selection tool is similar, but does not work in this situation. Also, utilsplugin2 does not provide what I need unfortunately.
Thanks for any hints!

Select the way, select first and last node of section and hit “P” for “split”.


You can only select whole objects, not individual way segments. You need to split it first.


Thanks for the answers! Splitting the way is not my intention - my plan was to mark way parts to copy them to another layer for further processing, not altering the original data…
Perhaps it makes sense that I explain what I ultimately want to achieve: I’d like to create a GPX-Track for a hiking tour. I’d like to do this by using the OSM data and one by one add the ways I plan to follow, but of course only from/to the point where I plan to leave a way to take another one. To my surprise I could not find existing tools yet - would have thought that this is quite a common use case. Or am I just too stupid to find the right tool (absolutely possible!)?

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You can do it this way, but you have to split the way if you want to copy parts only to another layer. Just don’t hit the “upload” button and you’re save.

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You’'ll definitely have an easier time if you just use a proper routing engine and export it to gpx


Thanks a lot! Exactly what I was looking for!

Is there a way to include other map sources?

If you mean background maps then yes there’s a button on the right in brouter, or you could use the exported gpx track in e.g.

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There’s also

Ah, found the user defined layers, thanks! Great! I’m happy, all I was looking for is there. Its funny how you not find such things if you do not enter the correct search terms into google…

The openrouteservice works also, but I find it less intuitive for my purposes - brouter is just perfect.