JOSM how to cancel Igrnore conflicts?

I downloaded OSM map for an area and run Valudator. It reported number of conflicts. I clicked Ignore to deal with them later, and now, when I run Validator again I cannot se those conflicts any more. Thez do not show even if I repead conflict examination.

How can I undo Ignore for those conflicts?

Have a look at the settings folder of JOSM.

With Windoes you can find that folder at a path similar to
C:\Documents and settings\User\Application data\JOSM\validator

At Linux have a look at your $home directory.

Maybe there you can find a file where your “ignore settings” are saved. Try to rename or delete that file.


I found it at “C:\Documents and Settings%User%\Application Data\JOSM\validator\ignorederrors”. Renamed it, restarted JOSM, and validation errors are again shown.