JOSM - how to add a 'Member of' relationship

I am trying to correct several cycle routes which need to be members of Eurovelo routes. Example:
I can see how to add the route as a tag (as I have done) but it needs to be put as a ‘Member of’. The current “EV7”, 4 members, is incorrect, it should have route(“EuroVelo 7 - Sun Route - part Austria…”). The ‘please select a key’ dialog doesn’t have ‘member of’ in the list.

  • Select the relation. Double-click it to bring up the relation editor.
  • In the main window, select the item that you want to include in the relation. It appears in the right pane of the editor.
  • Click one of the buttons in the middle of the editor to add it to the relation (copy it to the left), then assign a role.

Thanks Viajero. I understand you up to the last stage - ‘assign a role’. There’s an ‘apply role’ textbox, but no dropdown options. What should go into the ‘apply role’ box? If I just ‘Okay’ the relation editor, my addition to the member list doesn’t get saved in the relations for the track Im trying to edit.

I have now looked at the relation editor for a different track, which does not need modifying, to see how it should be done. But the ‘Role’ column in the ‘Members’ list box of the editor is empty for all the members. This is not the case for the example shown in the help file.

I have solved this now. The help file (at last I found the correct entry) has better instructions: