JOSM: how do I activate and use plug-ins?

I am running JOSM from a command line in Windows. I downloaded 5 plug-ins and restarted JOSM, but nothing changed in my JOSM interface, so I don’t know how to use the plug-ins. For example, the plug-in Restart is supposed to add a line to the file menu, but no line is added. Do I have to change my command line for starting JOSM?

Just a quick check - are you running Windows 7 / 64 bits version of the “Windows Installer” JOSM? There was a report of similar problems last year, but not enough additional information to full troubleshoot.

In any case, your steps should have worked for regular Java/jar JOSM.

Thanks, Mike. My mistake was… I did not click the OK box at the bottom of the plugins page. The instructions don’t say anything about “OK”. I have 32 bit Windows.