JOSM - find GPS-point


how can I find an exact GPS-point in JOSM? There is a menu-point, but it shows only the whole area, where the point is inside…

Thanks a lot!

Not sure I understand you correctly. Do you want to find a certain point on the map by coordinates? If you move your mouse pointer over the map you see the position on the left hand side of the status bar.

Yes. I want to find a point. But exactly. If I would move the mouse pointer to find the coordinates by longitude and latitude it is not very comfortable …:slight_smile:

Use Shift+D to create a point at the wanted location. Less easy to use is Ctrl+J “jump to position”

I know these two possibilties (Shift+D and Ctrl+J). But this is not very comfortable. I want to correct some tempolimit-points, which have wrong positions and wrong limits. To find these start-positions (I have the exact points) it would be useful to have any kind of spot. But I could create a point and delete it…

If your data is in gpx format you can load this as layer in JOSM. (And convert it to a data layer if you want.)

Ah… ok. Thank you!