JOSM Filters and Download settings


whats the best way to either

  • download only streets, buildings incl addr and some amenitys (choosen by me/task specific)


  • set the correct filters that you only see the above mentioned ones

Some times in city areas there are so many nodes for hundrets of different things that it can get a bit confusing if you work in such areas, and it slows down my pc, and the data is a lot bigger.

Thanks for your help!

Never tried this, but I would try to query the desired data via Overpass_API, download the result as an OSM-File, load the file into JOSM and upload the changes to OSM.

Okay, so i have to “learn” the language… mhh no simple clickyclick method out there?

You can try as a GUI tool to learn overpass API queries.

Also I recommend strongly to study the OSM wiki about examples for that.

When you have created a query fitting to your aims, you can even enter that query in JOSM download menu to have a filtered download in JOSM directly.

Thank you i will look into it!

That query download options sounds very good!

See also (with the query wizard) and