JOSM : Filter to select buildings with other tags then building=*

Is it possible to create a filter that only shows buildings that have more tags then 1 or 2 definede tags

For example: how do I create a filter that shows just the buildings that have OTHER tags then : building=* or shop=*

Yes, it’s possible. But you need to use the filter rule building blocks creatively. :slight_smile:

Let’s first search for elements with building=* and 2 or more tags (= at least one tag besides building=*):

building=* tags:2-

This will of course still include the buildings with shop=* tag. Therefore, we exclude shops from the result:

building=* -shop=* tags:2-

Now we almost have what we want. What’s still missing is elements with building=* and shop=*, but also at least one other tag besides these two. So we simply add these using OR.

( building=*  -shop=* tags:2- ) OR ( building=* shop=* tags:3- )

Thanks Tordanik

I was not aware of the tags:-2 feature. Works fine now.

Cheers PeeWee