JOSM filter and search examples

Sometimes you need to search or filter something in JOSM and you don´t know where to start. For this reason I have created a compilation of search & filter expressions I have found and also created myself.

You can always find them in my OSM Wiki page .

I am not posting them here due to the fact that the table format will be lost. If you have any other great filter expression please contact me.

Search or Filter Expression 	Description
nodes:3- -(building=*) -(highway=*) 	As the previous excluding highways
building inview nodes:4- 	Buildings in view with more than 4 nodes
child(type:relation id:<ID>) waterway=river 	Children of the relation (the members) with the id <ID> tagged waterway=river
closed areasize:-200 	Closed ways (areas) with areas up to 200m² in size
closed waylength:1000- 	Closed ways with perimeters greater than 1000m in length
type:way highway=* name~"^[0-9]+.*" 	Highways of any kind that the name starts with one number
highway=* name: 	Highways that have a name 

Very handy - thank you!

I’ve always been hungry for JOSM examples…

You are more than welcome.