JOSM - false error? Roundabout highway=residential on secondary route

HI all,

Am cleaning up errors in my local area.

The secondary road in the area has all the roundabouts in error on JOSM Validation as needing a highway=residential on a secondary road that does not appear to terminate at the roundabout.

One such roundabout is this one:
(Governor Macquarie Drive, Chipping Norton, Australia - Junction with Alfred Road)

Could you please check this out and let me know what the error is. One hour of searches later and it doesn’t appear obvious.

It all looked good to me.

I don’t understand this sentence. Which error message do you get?

Thanks for the reply.

Error message:
Incorrect roundabout (highway: secondary instead of residential)

However, doesn’t the tag need to be secondary as it’s the higher classified road?


I don not get a warning for the roundabout you linked, but there are some problems with this test, see

Thanks again.

I’m using the latest nightly build of JOSM - just worked perfectly, bug was fixed 7 hours ago.