JOSM exceptions

I have been inactive since earlier this year. Just started JOSM again and I get multiple (about 20) exceptions error whenever I select Bing imagery layer for the selected download area. I tried both with ver 7995 and 8159. My java version is openJDK running on Opensuse 13.2 64bit. Simple search in google hasn’t provided any answers (at least one that I understand).

Anybody help maybe?


You can try to use Java 7. If this does not help, you can create a ticket by clicking on report bug, when the error pops up.

Will try downgrading to version 7.

Too many exceptions to the point that clicking “report bug” will freeze the program (and KDE too it seems. Had to kill java from a separate terminal).


edit: was able to run JOSM with java 7 without having to downgrade the whole package. Found on the internet on how to choose java version
“sudo update-alternatives --config java”