JOSM Editor not clearing after upload

I have recently started using the JOSM Editor. I have happily uploaded several changesets, and today reopened one file to make some minor corrections. When I went to upload the corrections, the original 500 or so elements seemed to be still on the file, and started to upload again. Now in the interim I had deleted some duplicate nodes in the same area using Potlatch, and so I got a server error because some necessary nodes were missing.
Is it usual for uploaded changes to remain on a file? If so, does this mean I have to start a new file, select the area and so on each time I make small edits?
Many thanks

When using JOSM, there is no need to save your changes to a file on your computer. Just upload your changes to the OSM server, then you can close JOSM.
Then when you next want to edit an area, just select the area to download, make your edits, then upload.

If you want to use a file you have previously saved, then you should use the “Update data” option (on the File menu, or press Ctrl+U). This will download anything that has changed in that area, and warn you of edit conflicts.

Thanks Vclaw. I’ll use the update data function in future.