JOSM did not opens PBF

I have pbf file downloaded from
And i want edit it, but cannot open it in JOSM (pbf plugin installed). It outputs “Open file”, “Reading OSM data…” but then this window disappear and nothing happen. No layers appears, no error message, nothing at all.
Also i didn’t find any JOSM logs to get some information about possible errors.

How can i open PBF file in JOSM?

Thanks in advance.

Don’t know if this will help, but when you launch JOSM from the (Windows) command line (java.exe -jar josm.jar) you can see some messages…

You can also add [


]( to get more information:

C:\Program Files (x86)\JOSM>java -jar josm-tested.jar --debug

I launch it from josm.exe. Will try to run from command line…

If that file is large, say > 10 MB, you have to configure JOSM to use more java heap (use -Xmx=2GB or better more) .
If it is larger than > 50 MB you probably have no chance to edit it because JOSM will be very slow.

Think it’s the answer :frowning:
File is very large - about 2GB. But i run it on powerfull server.
Running java without setting heap size said that limit of 14Gb memory exceeds. Now run it with -Xmx40000M but seems that it with fail to load again…

JOSM is not designed to edit such a huge file. I think even 10 MB pbf file is not worth to try, but JOSM can load it.
What do you want to edit in a 2GB extract?

2GB - Russia full map.
We have shapefiles with our custom roads, and we want add our shapefiles to this pbf.

  • drawing map with our roads.
  • using this pbf in OSRM service.

I don’t know how to convert shape files to OSM format, but once you have that you can use osmconvert to merge the pbf file
with that.