JOSM crashes on (K)ubuntu / Linux Mint distributions

Hi all,

I have been using JOSM without any problem in Kubuntu for 3 years, but a few days ago it began to crash without any reason (maybe and update?). Not only the program crashes but also the entire linux session forcing me to login again to reopen my desktop. I reinstalled from scratch first Kubuntu, then Ubuntu with Unity and finally Linux Mint but the crash problem is still there in all of them.
Also, I tried the available old version in the official repositories (6502) and the last tested jar file (8969) with the same painful result.

Any hint?

What Java framework do you have in use on your Kubuntu system? Tell us the exact version, please.

And have you treid to start JOSM from console? Sometimes there you can see some error output.

Please see

Thanks!! backporting to openjdk-8 solved the problem!