JOSM:concentric shapes

Is it possible in JOSM? and i’m referring also to irregular shapes

Because if i try to scale an irregular shape it doesn’t became concentric.

I think you know what i’m talking about - when you scale an irregular shape(object) it isn’t exactly the same shape as original,it’s slightly deformed

you can use copy → paste at source position → ctrl + shift + left mouse button

or parallel way mode:

Parallel way mode it’s working perfectly.First i was afraid that i couldn’t control the scale of that new parallel way.
You have to hold ctrl + left mouse button while you drag and than you can scale it any size.

Thanks it’s working now! :sunglasses:

isnt’it ctrl + alt +v ?

You are mixing it up.

What I wrote are two different posibilities.

The first one by performing several steps (copy and paste the original way and then scale the new way with “ctrl + shift + hold down left mouse button + move mouse up/down”)

ctrl + alt +v is the shortcut for “paste a source position”. (

And the second one by parallel way mode. (See the link in my first post how to use it.)

Yes i knew that are two different posibilities,i didn’t mix it up.

but i misunderstood what you said,in your first reply,that shortcut for “paste at source position” is ctrl + shift + left mouse button

you said ctrl + shift + left mouse button was in fact for parallel way,now i see it

and for the second possibility that with parallel way mode i did like it says on wiki page:after you are in the parallel way mode(shift+p) you select the way,hold left mouse button and drag.But like i said thus i cannot control the scale of the way(object);it scales only to certain sizes.
You said that you have to hold ctrl+shift+lmb and drag the mouse up/down but for me it’s working only if i hold down just the ctrl key +lmb while dragging the mouse

Anyway,it’s working ,thank you

Sorry,it’s not working for me,look what i got if i scale it more

the outside way is the original one and the inside way is the one that i scaled in parallel way mode

is there anything i can do?

OK by default parallel way mode uses defined steps. with ctrl holding down you can freely adjust. Thats right.

However “ctrl + shift + lmb + move” is for scaling (resizing) objects, not for parallel way mode.

Anyway, you just made the parallel way too far away from the original way in relatin to the size of the original way. In your case the new way intersects itself and the mode can’t work properly anymore.

Slowly use the parallel way mode back and forth and observe the movement of single nodes to see how this mode works and how this turns out in such extreme cases like you showed. Maybe you can avoid these corner cases or manually rework the new way. E.g. by removing the two nodes on the sides which produce the spikes.

Yes,i was thinking about that.

I sort it out somehow;First i was extruding the straight line of the shape in order to not intersect with the shape itself.Then after i scale down the shape i removed the points which would go outside the shape,like this:

Then i would extrude back the straight lines,and bring forward/down the shapes to be more close to each other,in that part of the arcs,which in fact i’m interested in:

It’s not perfect but it’s working for me.Thanks for your help!