JOSM complaints about a node

Hi JOSM complains about a node, 4624378535, and a way. But the conflict menu stays despite solve this problem, blanc. Not for the first time.
How to tacle this problem ?

I need more info to be able to answer your question:

What is the complain about?
First I thought about a Validator warning but you are talking about an object version conflict right?
To get all the information, please, open a new ticket using “Help Menu” → “Report Bug”, and describe as detailed as possible what you did to get to this conflict and possibly save your data layer (or part of it) locally and attach it to the ticket.

Thanks skyper

Hi Skyper,
I recon I know why.
I worked outside the box and JOSM is not able to look outside it. But if my work or object for instance following a stream, is running outside the box JOSM just complaints about a not visible node or way which has to be fixt. However, this has happened before, it is logical if you’re working on landuse and I did not tend to watch my borders :slight_smile:
Your answer was a kind of wake-up call that made me realize what was happening, thanks.