Josm: Can't move node without the way

I’ve somehow got josm misconfigured so I can’t move a node attached to a way without moving the whole way. If I point and click near the node it selects the way. If I lasso the node, I can select it, but then when I try to drag it it again selects and moves the whole way.

The issue showed up again. I’ve tracked it down to Map Paint Styles. If I only have ‘Mapnik (True)’ enabled it has this behavior. If I enable some styles (such as JOSM default) in addition, it works.
Is there something I don’t understand about Map Paint Styles or is this a bug?

Can you check the advanced preference mappaint.node.snap-distance? It should be 10.

Never encountered. Presume the problem persiste after a restart. I use the ctrl key to select/deselect nodes, ways, objects while clicking them with the mouse pointer, and then hold the ctrl key to move them in tandem to e.g. reposition a set of nodes of a hairpin in a road or make a box bigger or smaller.

If the node is part of the way, that’s expected. There’s an option to remove a node from a way in JOSM.