josm, auto create node, from marker gpx?

is there a plugin to auto create nodes, from a gpx from ,waypoint markers

i have some postcodes from the os code point open data, i have made them into a gpx file, and marked them as waypoints, is there an easy way to import that data into josm so that it can automatically create the nodes, heres a sample of the postcode gpx data

"DE1 0AL"


to a node containing…eg


OS Code Point



I think the easiest option would be to convert to OSM XML format. Then you can open this file in JOSM, and the objects will appear as nodes.
You can use GPSBabel to convert from GPX to OSM format. Though it may not add the correct tags - it might be easier to add the tags in JOSM afterwards.

Or what format is the original data in? It could be easier to just convert from that to OSM format. eg if its in some sort of shapefiles, try ogr2osm:

Also note there has been some discussion about whether or not importing from the OS Codepoint data is a good idea or not. See and also the talk-gb mailing list. So worth discussing, at least before any sort of bulk import. Though I don’t think any one will mind much if its your local area that you are familiar with, and able to check on the ground where possible.

thanks, that worked great, now my address shows up in the search, whereas before it wouldn’t, its strange as it only seems to have started working, when i added postcodes to my local area