JOSM - Apply tags by keyboard shortcut

I know it is possible to create a custom preset (as described here), and assign this to a keyboard shortcut.

However, I am looking for a plugin (or similar) which quickly allows a shortcut to be set up to assign tags to a way. For example, pressing “CTRL+1” would assign “leisure=pitch” and “sport=basketball” to a closed way, or pressing “CTRL+2” would assign “highway=service” and “service=parking_aisle”, etc. Both of these could also remove any “building” tags if they were present. Ideally there should be an interface where what is assigned to “CTRL+1” can be quickly changed, depending on what HotOSM or MapRoulette task you’re currently working on for example.

With the BuildingTools plugin, you can set it up so that when you draw a building, the tags which you have set are automatically applied, so I suppose what I’m looking for is similar to this.

Has anyone come across this yet? Or would there be any interest in helping develop it? Or, do custom presets already provide enough functionality, even if it’s a bit of work to set them up?


This is already possible now, see

That’s great thank you.

I’ve also found a really good plugin here which allows easy custom preset creation -