Josm - any "remember highway properties" function?

One thing I like about potlatch (the other is its seamless editing) is the ‘remember ways’ feature. It saves a lot of time when tracing road from bing images for residential areas. Is this feature incorporated into JOSM? I thought I read about it somewhere but countless search has found nothing.


-Still prefer JOSM for heavy duty mapping-

I’m not very familiar with the features of Potlatch - do you mean Potlatch’s ability to apply a group of tags to a new way?

If so, the feature that comes closest to this is the “Paste tags” feature. When you have copied a way or node to the clipboard with Ctrl+C, you can then paste its tags to the currently selected way by pressing Ctrl+Shift+V

Alternatively, you can use the search box (Ctrl+F). For example, you can first draw several ways without tagging them, then search for something like “untagged type:way modified”, and then simply copy or add tags to all of them at once.

I think kucai is referring to the “r”-function which will copy all tags from the last selected object to the current one.

In JOSM you can copy an object by pressing Crtl-C and insert only the tags of the copied object by pressing Crtl-Shift-V.

Or if you are regularly using a particular combination of tags, you could create a custom preset for them. And you can add a button for that preset to the toolbar.

Thank you for the replies. Ctrl-Shift-V it is! :smiley: