JOSM and High-DPI screens

Hello all

JOSM is sadly pretty much unusable on my lovely new 3200x1800 Dell laptop. The icons are tiny, and the text in the panels on the right hand side overflows, but what really breaks it is the size of the nodes on the map. Trying to select a node, or drop one on an existing way is a high-precision manoeuvre!

Has anyone found a way round this? Is there any work in progress to make JOSM dpi-neutral? I hope so; it would be a shame to lose it.


Maybe you can go to JOSM settings, enable expert mode there, go to “advanced settings”(?) (-> Erweiterte Einstellungen in German) and enter “size” ther in text serach box:

all editable parameters in JOSM with “size” inside are displayed … maybe you can tweak some values?

As for the map display, it can afaik be completely reconfigured with a new style. These can be written in MapCSS, and the default style can be modified or completely replaced with an own style.

Perhaps the current effort to port the map display to OpenGL would also be a good possibility to introduce better scaleability?