[JOSM] adjust Bing maps to real coordinates (SOLVED)


I noticed (as others have done as well) that the Bing maps which can be used with JOSM are off by a few meters (at least around Paris). Is there a way to adjust this, ie. “slide” the maps layer so that it fits to points in the nodes layer I know are accurate ? That would be a good solution for further mapping with JOSM and Bing.

Thanks in advance for any pointers,

In JOSM select the Bing-layer in the list, right-mouse-click and in the menu is an item to adjust the layer. Maybe you to upgrade to the latest JOSM version.

Thanks for the reply.

I use the latest versioon (3701) dowloaded this week. I tried to find the feature you mention but I do not see it in the pop-up menu. I just have (translated from French, so probably sloppy)

  • show / hide
  • delete
  • rename the layer
  • info

Who do you know that the nodes are accurate?
Household gps’s have often a unaccuratie of about 10 mtr or more.

The feature is only present since about version 3715 (when imagery functionality was added to JOSM core).

Before that version, imagery wasn’t supported by JOSM itself, but by plugins. I think that with one of them (likely either WMS Plugin or Imagery Plugin) there was a tool for moving the imagery layer in the vertical tool bar on the left. I’m not sure, though, as I’ve been using the built-in imagery feature for a while now. Btw, if you are using the Windows installer, it’s possible that you have one of these plugins installed without knowing it, because it used to be bundled with the JOSM install.

The easiest solution is to upgrade newer version of JOSM. Today, version 3751 was released as “tested”. If you have installed JOSM manually, you can download the new .jar right now. If you prefer using one of the installers, you’ll need to wait until the installer’s version catches up with the release.

Thank you for the details – you are absolutely right. I have updated today my version to 3751 and the plugins were disabled due to imagery integration. I also found the feature mentioned by hkucharek so everything is OK and clear.

Thanks again for the help!

I know but in the region I am editing the buildings, roads etc. are offset systematically by a few meters compared to the imagery. The buildings were imported from official data, the roads were plotted by different people so I am fairly positive that this is an issue with the imagery.

I also found some tima ago a thread on that issue raised by some other people.