Joining two .img with mkgmap fails

I plan to make a trip to the Holy Land. So I need a map of both Israel and the Palestine Authority. Preferably it should just one map.
From Cloudmade I downloaded the Israel.osm and the Palestina.osm files. With mkgmap I separately converted them into an Israel.img and a Palestina.img. Now I want to join them into a gmapsupp.img, using mkgmap again.

This is my command:

java -Xmx512M -jar mkgmap.jar --gmapsupp Israel.img Palestina.img.

The resulting gmapsupp only contains the Israel data. No Palestine data whatsoever.

What did I wrong?


The two osm files probably overlap a bit and, if so, so do the two images. It is also possible that one of the two images (or both) are actually too big. In either case I don’t think that it will work very well.

Imho you have three options:

  1. Merge the two osm files together with Osmosis and convert the resulting single osm file into a Garmin image and gmapsupp. You’d probably also need to use Splitter to convert the osm file into sections that can be converted to Garmin images as a single image is probably too big.


  1. Go to, enable manual tile selection and select the tiles you’re interested in.
    2.1) Enter your email address and hit the ‘Build my map’ button. Then you wait until you receive the download link for the complete map.


2.2) Download the tiles listed on the left-hand side and merge them together with Mkgmap as you did in your post above.

The most common problem with mkgmap created maps is that creators don’t use --mapname option. If you haven’t set different values for each map, than you can’t join your maps.

mkgmap uses default value --mapname=63240001. This value is the real ID of map tile. Your GPS won’t accept 2 tiles with the same ID.

That’s a good observation. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!

You are welcome :slight_smile:

I’m not using mkgmap but I can see the results. I have implemented function for changing map ID into Gmaptool. With it you can resolve conflicts when having maps in img format. But I think OSM needs general solution for map ID allocation, some rules for choosing this value.

Maybe first step should be to remove default value from mkgmap :wink:

Thanks user_6635, I did it the way you propose. Lambertus, I tried, but I’m still on IE so that site does not work. Thanks anyway.

Well, while IE is incredibly slow when it comes to handling JavaScript, the site does seem to work for me. If I wait long enough I get to see the map, can choose countries and add tiles manually. So everything is there, but somehow -in IE- an extra slash is added after ‘http://’ in the links, but it’s ok if you manually remove that.

Anyway. These are the tiles you’re looking for I guess: