Joining two existing ways

I’m trying to complete a railway line in JOSM which someone has partially mapped before. I can select the end of the existing track at one side of the gap, and use “Add node and connect” to extend the existing way. That works fine.

What do I do, however, when I want to join that way onto another existing railway line at the other side of the gap? I tried just doing “Connect” from the last point that I’d added to a point on the other line, but I couldn’t seem to get that segment to join the way.

What’s the correct approach, please? Or doesn’t it matter?

Thanks, (and apologies for all the questions …)

Tony Q

You can use the ‘Add segment between two modes’ tool of JOSM. This will create a green segment. Add it to the existing road by using the ‘Add a new way to the data’ tool, just click the existing road first then click the green segments you want to add.

BTW, this section of the forum is called ‘Questions and Answers’ so I guess you don’t have to worrie about asking too much :wink:

Thanks for the help (so far!)

Next question: if there is an existing way, but it contains a segment that should be one way, and isn’t currently marked as such, what do I do? The only thing I can find at present is to delete the way, then to add it back without the segment that should be one way, and then to create a new way for the one way segment and add its properties. This seems convoluted and risks losing the properties of the existing way. Is there a simpler way to do this?

(My immediate concern is the road off a rounadabout, but the same issue occurs with regard to bridges on roads that go over and under different things, and also roads where the name changes mid-way, and things like that …)

Tony Q

The best way to apply different tags to an existing way is to split it into different sections. Then you can add/remove/change the properties of the separate sections.

So in a nutshell:

  • Roundabouts
  • on- and offramps
  • oneway sections
  • splitting of the road
  • etc.
    are all separate ways of the same road.

Thanks - I’ll just have to delete the way that someone else put in, and then create a number of separate ones for the different sections of the same road. I was hoping there was an easier way …


I said you have to **split **the way. There is tool in JOSM that allows you to split roads, so there is **no **need to delete it and rebuild it.

Can you point me to the tool in JOSM to split a way, please? I can’t see it on any of the buttons or menus. Indeed, I had been thinking of suggesting that it would be useful! I’m running JOSM V198 …


I don’t have JOSM at hand here, but you should try downloading the ‘josm-latest.jar’ from

I’m sure you will find a ‘split way’ function there.

Josm V204

Thanks for the help. I wasn’t running the latest version. I am now!