Job offer: building custom maps for a printed directory

I am looking for a consultant who can help me on a project.

Briefly this is what I need to do:

  1. The main goal of this job is to print (on paper) a directory of about 2000/3000 specialty shops in Italy.

  2. The directory should include about 20/25 maps, each one covering interesting (and partly overlapping) regions. Maps could be of different scales because the ‘density’ of the shops is not equal all over the country, they are more concentrated around industrial towns.

  3. We would supply you a database (an Excel file) with a numerical ID of each shop (4 digit) and latitude/longitude coordinate of each.

  4. We expect back the 20/25 maps as hi-res PDFs suitable for printing including ‘symbols’ for each shop, ideally showing also their ID number on the map

If anyone is interested in handling this job, please feel feel to contact me.

Hello Stefano,

Sounds like an interesting job to me!

This can be done in a couple of ways:

  • Get the osm maps as svg so they remain vector giving you the full control to decide about the color-scheme that should be used

  • Get the osm maps as high res images, maybe stitching some together here and there

I guess you will need 300dpi resolution; what sheet-size do you require for the map pages?

My rate is €60 an hour, from this €10 will go into the stichting opengeo to fund new openstreetmap projects.
each map will take approx. 1hour, so the cost will be between 1200 and 1500 euro excl. taxes.

If you require extra cartographic activity to get for instance custom made symbols, I will provide a estimate of the individual cost before starting work.
If this sounds good, please contact me.