J2ME client for mapping openstreetmap


I´m developing a J2ME client for mobile phones, that should be a tool for building up openstreetmap. My client is working with openstreetmap server API.

When i try to upload my GPX file to the server through multipart/form-data HTTP message it works fine if i send few nodes, where the content-length header in http request is only a few bytes long(around 1000 bytes). But if i try to upload a GPX file that contains more nodes i first get “(411) length required” respond from the server when i try to upload it. If i try to upload even more nodes i get “(500) internal server error” and last i get “(502) bad gateway” if i upload a GPX file with more nodes. You can see my code for how i upload to the server in HttpReciver.java file.

Is there some work around to make the phone send whole GPX file? Now it seems that the content-length header is filter out after i reach some value of bytes length of the message i try to upload to openstreetmap server. When the Content-Length is over around 1000 bytes the phone automatically change to transfering in “Transfer-Encoding: chunked”, which openstreetmap server does not seem to be able to handle.



judging from the lack of answers, you should probably repost this question on the dev mailing list. Most developers (API and otherwise) tend to prefer mailing lists to forums.